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Misc. Hardware & Accessories

Fairleads, rope stopper tie balls, splicing tools, inspection hatches, bushes, and more.

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  1. Dinghy Specialist Splicing Kit
    RFSPLICE-KIT1 Dinghy Specialist Splicing Kit
    All the essentials for splicing small diameter dinghy lines in one convenient kit. The Dinghy Specialist kit includes the essential tools required for splicing lines up to about 5mm diameter.
  2. Standard Splicing Kit
    RFSPLICE-KIT2 Standard Splicing Kit
    All the essentials for splicing in one convenient kit. The Standard Splicing Kit includes the basic tools required for splicing common line sizes ranging from about 4mm - 12mm diameter.
  3. PRO Splicing Kit
    RFSPLICE-KIT3 PRO Splicing Kit
    All the tools you will need for splicing your lines in one convenient kit. The PRO Splicing Kit includes extra amenities such as Dyneema® whipping twine, a ceramic rigger's knife, and more.
  4. Ceramic Rigging Knife
    RFKNIFE-2 Ceramic Rigging Knife
    Designed to cut technical fibres such as Dyneema® and Vectran®, the ceramic knife stays sharp much longer than a steel blade. A must-have in any rigging kit.
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