Soft Shackle 14mm x 100mm- Size XXL

Soft shackle, Ø 14mm


Small diameter puller line allows for easy removal after soft shackle being loaded.

Lightweight and easy on the boat.

Alternative to traditional metal shackles

Length: 100mm / 3 15/16".

BL vertical: 7000Kg / 15430Lb


Product Specifications
Weight (oz)2.2

Product Information

Brought to you by the experts at Robline Ropes, this Robtec (UHMWPE) soft shackle provides high strength and low stretch properties with a convenient pull line for easy removal. The material is constructed of black fibres (rather than a coloured coating) which will not bleed colour or fade over time.

Considerations: Published breaking loads are based on as-new condition. Fatigue, wear and UV exposure will deteriorate performance. Inspect regularly and replace if there are significant amounts of wear or fibre damage. Attach to a mounting point with a smooth, well rounded profile without sharp edges or burrs.

  • Line Diameter (Ø): 14mm
  • Length (L): 100mm

Technical Information

Specification Details

Specification Details


Robtec (UHMWPE) - coated for UV stability and resistance to abrasion


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