Standard Splicing Kit

All the essentials for splicing in one convenient kit. The Standard Splicing Kit includes the basic tools required for splicing common line sizes ranging from about 4mm - 12mm diameter.


RFSPLICEBAG: Ronstan splicing bag

RF823002: Splicing kit, 5 fid set (4, 5.5, 7.5, 10, 13mm)

RFSCISSORS: Scissors, 8”, cuts Kevlar® and Dyneema® material

RFSPLICE-F15: F15 puller small, 2-4mm line

RFSPLICE-F20: F20 puller medium, 4-6mm line

RFTAPE: Splicing tape

RFSEW: 5 piece needle set

RFPALM: Leather palm, right hand, medium

TYN-08WSP: Whipping twine


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