Fishing Hardware

Fishing Hardware

Ronstan’s outrigger pulleys have become the preferred hardware for avid recreational and tournament anglers alike, who require pulleys small enough to accommodate monofilament and braided lines, yet strong enough to handle the loads of pulling heavy dredges through the water at trolling speeds. The recessed sheave on Ronstan outrigger pulleys prevents the running line from jumping the pulley wheel and becoming jammed in the side plates.

Upgrading your outrigger hardware with Ronstan is the easiest and most effective way to improve the performance of your dredge & outrigger setup.

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  1. Ball Bearing
    Series 20 Ball Bearing Triple Block with Shackle
    RF20302 Series 20 Ball Bearing Triple Block with Shackle
    Triple Ball Bearing block with sheaves that are 20mm in diameter. Ideal for powerful purchase systems on dinghy vangs, rig tensioning systems on skiffs etc.
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