Ronstan's new class-legal ILCA® hardware

Class-Legal ILCA® Hardware from Ronstan

Ronstan is proud to offer a full range of class-legal ILCA® hardware, a sleek and modern upgrade that improves performance with high load capacity and lower friction than traditional systems.

The range is highlighted by the ILCA® vang system, the lowest friction ILCA® vang on the market.

Starting at the top, the high load vang block RF34108HLK features a Grade 2205 stainless steel sheave and hub combined with a triple bearing race to provide very low friction at high loads. This is available with or without the vang key.

The completely redesigned ILCA® Lower Vang Unit is a fresh take on previous ILCA® or Laser vang units, featuring a lightweight 316 stainless steel frame with a hard wearing PTFE black coating and a much smaller overall profile. The friction-inducing fairlead used on traditional ILCA® vang units has been replaced by a high load stainless steel ball bearing sheave, and the pivot point has been moved closer to the clevis pin attachment to minimise stresses on the mast fitting. The end result is the lowest friction ILCA® vang available, providing easy cleating and releasing from any angle. 

Orbit Winches win DAME Award in the Deck Equipment categoryOrbit Winches win DAME Award in the Deck Equipment category


Not sure how to rig your new ILCA® vang system? Check out the 2-Part Video Series below for a step by step demonstration.