ILCA® Mainsheet Traveller Block

Class Approved - ILCA® Mainsheet Traveller Block


ILCA® Mainsheet blocks have a 2-stage bearing system with stainless steel hub.

Fast rolling speed with little friction.

Traveller block: Main sheave features 2-stage bearing sheave. Small sheave is simple AP bearing.

ILCA® licensed parts available for purchase through ILCA® approved builders and dealers.


Product Specifications
Max. Rope diameter (in)5/16
Weight (oz)2.9

Product Information

Ronstan’s ILCA® mainsheet blocks provide the perfect balance of strength, performance, and reliability Ronstan is known for. They feature a 2-stage bearing system which minimises friction and gives sailors ultimate control while trimming. 


The cheeks and housings are lightweight yet strong and made from toughened glass fibre reinforced nylon. All stainless steel fixings and rivets are grade 316 stainless steel. The linked traveller block uses the same 2-stage bearing for the mainsheet sheave while the smaller traveller sheave has a simple AP bearing. Several concepts of the articulation point of the linked traveller block were tried and tested by ILCA® sailors to ensure the best design was achieved for optimum articulation.


ILCA® licensed part available for purchase through ILCA® approved builders and dealers. 

Technical Information


ILCA® mainsheet and traveller blocks.



Sheave and Ball Bearings: High compression strength acetal.

Rivets: Grade 316 stainless steel.

Frame/cheeks: Toughened, glass fibre reinforced nylon.

Hubs: Grade 316 stainless steel.



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