Series 30 Ball Bearing ILCA® Top Vang Block

High load stainless steel single sheave block with vang key.


Lowest friction top vang block available.

Narrow and compact design.

RF34108HLK includes vang key.


Product Specifications
Max. Rope diameter (in)1/4
M.W.L. (lb)880
Sheave diameter (in)1 1/8
B.L. (lb)1760
Weight (oz)1.8


Ronstan’s ILCA® lower vang unit is the new benchmark in design and
performance. Thoroughly tested on the water by leading ILCA® sailors,
the vang unit features optimised geometry to minimise line chafe and
friction which provides a purchase advantage, and easy cleating and
releasing to stay in full control when playing the vang from any angle
while inboard or hiking. The primary purchase sheave features Ronstan’s
high load, low friction, stainless steel HHL sheave. Geometry of the cleat
arm pivot point is close to the clevis pin attachment to minimise stress on
the mast attachment point.

The RF34108HL is a purpose designed ILCA® top vang block.

The top vang block cheeks are made of grade 316 stainless steel with a hard wearing PTFE black coating.

High load blocks are designed specifically for any application where high dynamic or static loads are expected. They feature a high strength grade 2205 stainless steel sheave & hub together with a triple bearing race to maintain low friction at very high loads.

Technical Information


ILCA® Top Vang



  • HHL sheave and bearing race: Grade 2205 stainless steel.
  • Ball bearings: Grade 304 stainless steel.
  • Cheeks/Frame: Grade 316 stainless steel, hard wearing PTFE black coating.
  • Vang Key (RF1062): Grade 316 stainless steel.


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