Introducing the new range of Series 40 ball bearing Orbit BlocksTM.

Ronstan Series 40 Orbit Blocks™ are strong enough for applications that historically require a larger block and light enough to compete on any racecourse. The 2-stage ball bearing system remains highly efficient under heavy static or dynamic loads, with a clever design that effectively eliminates the friction-inducing skidding or deformation of ball bearings which commonly impact blocks in this size range. A wide variety of configurations are available to suit most applications onboard, including High Load versions featuring stainless steel sheaves and the highest working loads of any 40mm block.


Highlights include:

  • The RF48109 and RF48109HL, lashing snatch blocks that can be rigged with a soft shackle or lashed tight for more permanent installations.
  • Exit blocks with anodised aluminium housing and standard, high load, or narrow sheave options.
  • Multi-sheave options up to quad and quin packages offer the ability to create purchase systems up to 12:1 mechanical advantage.
Shirley Wodson Series 40 Orbit Block in-situ Cate Brown

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