A New Digital Ronstan

Founded in 1953 just outside Melbourne, Australia, Ronstan International has been a trusted name in the world of sailboat hardware for over half a century. Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our completely redesigned website. This new platform is a substantial improvement over its predecessor, offering an array of features designed to enhance your user experience and help you easily find the sailboat hardware you need.

At Ronstan, we understand that navigating the world of sailboat hardware can be complex. We've put in the effort to make our new website user-friendly and practical for sailors of all levels.

1. Product Comparison: Informed Decision-Making

Our website now allows you to directly compare the specifications of two or more products. This feature eliminates the need for juggling between multiple tabs or jotting down notes. With easy product comparisons, you can make well-informed decisions when selecting your sailing equipment.


2. Enhanced Search Functionality: Quick and Precise

Our revamped search functionality ensures that you can find products quickly and accurately. No more endless scrolling or guesswork. Just type in your search query, and our website will promptly guide you to the relevant products.


s3. Customised Navigation and Filtering: Tailored to Your Needs

We've introduced personalised navigation and filtering options. You can now filter products based on working load, bearing type, sheave diameter, line capacity - even boat size or sail area - ensuring that the recommendations you receive align with your specific requirements. This customisation ensures a shopping experience catered to your preferences and relevant products.


Join us on this exciting journey and explore the new Ronstan website today.