Andersen Winch Grease - Package of 12 Tubes

Multipurpose grease for winches and other moving parts, pack of 12


  • High quality PTFE grease product.
  • Suits all winch models.


Product Specifications
Weight (g)900

Product Information

Winch Grease

We strongly recommend using ANDERSEN Winch Grease when lubricating your winch. Highly water resistant, it is a specially formulated high-quality grease product made using PTFE for smooth and reliable winch operation.

In normal recreational use, we recommend cleaning, greasing and inspection of all moving parts every 2 years for extending winch life. Under extensive use, such as racing, charter or blue water sailing, we recommend more regular maintenance procedures; at least once every year.


Most other types of grease, including “marine grease,” are not suitable for lubrication of ANDERSEN winches. Non-suitable grease products can cause winch malfunction that could result in serious injury.

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