Series 300 Triggersnap™ Shackle with Small Bail

High strength-to-weight ratio stainless steel trigger release snap shackle with small swivel bail.


High strength-to-weight ratio.

Individually proof-load tested.

Stamped with a production code for traceability.

Heat treated, investment cast 15.5PH stainless steel for high strength and corrsion resistance.

Small and large bail options.

Use the aluminium spike to release easily while under load.


Product Specifications
M.W.L. (lb)5290
B.L. (lb)10580
Weight (oz)6.0

Product Information

Ronstan Triggersnaps - trigger release snap shacklesRonstan Triggersnaps - trigger release snap shackles


Ronstan’s range of trigger released snap shackles features a latch mechanism for quick and intuitive one-handed operation. Release under load is easily accomplished by using a spike (available as RF1322) to safely actuate the trigger.

Heat treated, investment cast 15-5PH stainless steel components offer high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Additionally, every Ronstan Triggersnap™ is individually proof-load tested and stamped with a production code for traceability.

The full Triggersnap™ offering is suitable for a wide range of applications, available in three sizes and with both large and small swivel bail options.



Technical Information

Specification Details

Specification Details
A (in)3/4
B (in)5/8
C (in)4 1/2


Grade 316 stainless steel rivets and spring.

Heat treated grade 15-5PH investment cast stainless steel body, bail, latch and trigger.


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