Spinnaker Systems



Asymmetrical spinnaker system that launches telescopic pole, draws the tack to the end of the pole, and pulls the halyard up, all from a single line. Popular on most modern skiff classes, the endless line also acts as a retriever when dropping the spinnaker.



Spinnaker pole car system for keel boats up to 10m (33ft) in length. 3:1 raise and lower purchase on recirculating ball bearing traveller car makes dip pole gybing a breeze. High load blocks utilised on lower purchase system to counter higher loads encountered with pole skying.


The proper way to rig the trip line (yellow) in a spinnaker pole using our RF1664 aluminium spinnaker pole ends. Although it may seem counterintuitive, the orientation of the exit block below is actually correct as it guides the line along the smooth upper housing of the RF25711 exit block, reducing friction and abrasion. In this unique application, the nearly 90° turn on the trip line is not concerning due to the extremely light load. Feeding the trip line the other way through the exit block will result in increased abrasion on the trip line.

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