Ball Bearing


Series 75 Core Block™, Stand-Up to Suit Series 26 & 30 Traveller Cars

75mm Stand-up block kit to suit Series 26 and Series 30 Ball Bearing Traveller Cars


Class leading performance and sleek, contemporary styling.

Excellent dynamic and high static load performance.

Less than half the friction of the nearest competitorAccepts up to 14mm (9/16") rope.

Central hub hole can be used as a becket take-off or tie-up point


Product Specifications
Max. Rope diameter (in)9/16
M.W.L. (lb)3300
Sheave diameter (in)3
B.L. (lb)6600
Weight (oz)15.3

Technical Information


Ideal for use on mainsheet, spinnaker sheet, vang, halyard and backstay applications on boats up to 14m (46ft). General applications on larger yachts. Alloy sheave models are available for use with wire.



Sheave: U.V. stabilised acetal or anodised aluminium (AW models). Cheek plates: Aluminium alloy. Ball Bearings: High compression strength carbon black acetal.


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