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Series 42 Halyard Tail System

Halyard tail system for use with furling sails that are rarely lowered. Sliderod car, includes 2 x plunger stops and 2 x attachment lugs, 1560mm (61 13/32") special track, 2 x low profile end stops.


Low profile.

Lightweight alloy car bodies

System includes sliderod car, special 1560mm (61 13/32") Series 42 track and two low profile end stops.

The special track has oversize plunger stop holes at 50mm (1 31/32" spacing) for the associated high loads and is drilled and tapped to accept the low profile end stops.

Car has 2 attachment lugs for the soft loop end of the halyard and tensioning tail.

Car has dual over-size plunger stops that can be locked in the "up" position.


Product Specifications
M.W.L. (lb)8800
B.L. (lb)17600
Weight (oz)151.7
Width (in)2 15/16
Length (in)11

Product Information

Car bodies are machined to precise specifications, then honed to an exceptional finish before being treated and anodised for maximum corrosion protection. Stainless steel elements are put through a special high energy finish process to achieve a uniquely smooth edge and surface finish.

Technical Information


Genoa sheet systems on boats to 25m (82ft). Mainsheet systems on boats to 24m (78ft). Multihull mainsheet systems on boats to 19m (62ft). Self tacking jib systems on boats to 2m (65ft)



Alloy track, car and end stops. Acetal sliderods. Grade 316 stainless steel fixtures


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