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Soft Attachment Snatch Block, 42mm No Soft Shackle

High load soft attachment snatch block with no Dyneema® loop provided.


Provides flexibility for user to create own lashing.

Cheek plates rotate to open the block and close with spring loaded ball lock securing in place.

Primary bearing and thrust washers for optimum dynamic and static performance.

Wide sheave design for accommodating large line diameters.


Product Specifications
Max. Rope diameter (in)1/2
M.W.L. (lb)4410*
Sheave diameter (in)1 5/8
B.L. (lb)8820*
Weight (oz)53

Product Information

The modern snatch block – Ronstan’s SA Snatch Blocks provide the highest load ratings for their sheave diameter in our keelboat block range. All three sizes of these heavy duty, durable snatch blocks feature anodised aluminium cheek plates and sheaves. The wide sheave design comfortably accommodates large line diameters, while duplex stainless steel hubs and composite journal bearings make the SA Snatch Block suitable for both static and dynamic load applications.

Once onboard, a spring loaded ball provides a secure and reliable closure, and a gentle rotation of the cheeks is all that’s required for easy opening and line loading/removal.

This product does not include the Dyneema® soft shackle. The complete block with SK99 Dyneema® soft shackle included is available as RF47109. The soft shackle is also available separately as RF7008-09.

Technical Information


  • 2:1 halyards
  • Twings
  • Spinnaker & headsail sheets
  • Temporary leads
  • Deflectors
  • Barber haulers
  • Tack lines
  • and more.



  • Cheek plates and sheaves: Aluminium alloy, anodised.
  • Bearings and thrust washers: Proprietary self-lubricating composite.
  • Hubs: Grade 2205 stainless steel.


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