Ball Bearing


Series 15 Ball Bearing Single Block to suit Webbing Attachment

The smallest and lightest ball bearing block, featuring an 11mm wide webbing slot.


Smallest and lightest ball bearing block available.

Precision moulded acetal sheave running on stainless steel ball bearings provide high performance & low friction.

Suits 10mm (3/8”) webbing for mounting.

Maximum 4mnm (5/32”) line.

Stainless steel cheeks can twist to open for a snatch block .

Stainless steel ball bearing sheave.

Weight 10g (0.4oz).


Product Specifications
Max. Rope diameter (in)5/32
M.W.L. (lb)260
Sheave diameter (in)5/8
B.L. (lb)990
Weight (oz)0.4

Product Information

Series 15 Ball Bearing Blocks feature stainless steel ball bearings in a 15mm sheave. Popular choices for dinghy control lines, vangs, cunninghams, or tweakers. A variety of configurations creates many opportunities for applications.

Technical Information


Suited to sailmakers for mounting to sails for leech line blocks as well as other paragliding OEM’s



  • Sheaves: UV stabilised acetal.
  • Ball bearings: Stainless steel.
  • Cheeks: Grade 316 stainless steel


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