Ronstan’s strength in the small boat market can be attributed to its rich history of quality, innovation, and success on the racecourse. Constantly looking for a competitive edge, Ronstan today continues its push for innovation and strives to create the fastest sailing hardware in the world.

Recent developments include the Series 20 and Series 30HHL Lashing Blocks, which feature class leading dynamic and static load ratings for their comparative sizes. The high strength and efficiency under load results from clever design combined with top quality materials such as Grade 2205 stainless sheaves and 316 stainless ball bearings. The impressive performance of these new blocks makes them a popular choice in highly competitive fleets such as Moths and ILCAs where sailors and their gear are pushed to their limits searching for incremental improvements in performance.

Similarly, the RF56100 ratchet block has earned itself the designation of being the fastest ILCA mainsheet block in the world, having been aboard for the Men’s ILCA Olympic Gold medal in London 2012, Rio 2016, and Tokyo 2020. With a class leading holding power of 20:1 and the option for either auto or manual ratchet engagement, it is the ratchet block of choice for many top sailors on various small boats.

In many classes, Ronstan’s Battlestick™ tiller extensions are known for providing the highest level of control for quick, decisive helm response in every situation. Ronstan Battlesticks™ are available in either carbon or alloy, with a variety of lengths to choose from including a range of telescopic adjustable length tiller extensions.