28ST Conversion Kit Compact Above Deck 12V

Above Deck Motor, 12 Volt, To suit 28 ST FS


  • Includes everything required to convert manual Andersen winch to electric.
  • Highly efficient brushless motor, 30-50% less power consumption than standard electric motors.
  • Variable speed, relative to pressure on button.
  • Simplified electrical installation.
  • Motor gearbox and controller are integrated into one compact unit, no extra control box necessary.
  • Built-in protections including overload and thermal overload protection.

Product Information

The Andersen 28ST Compact Motor™ Above Deck Conversion Kit comes with everything required to convert a manual Andersen 28ST to an electric winch. If your Andersen Winch is less than 20 years old, there's a great chance it is already designed to incorporate an electric conversion kit and installation will be very simple. If you are not sure how old your Andersen Winch is, check the base stamp which will indicate the version number and date of manufacture. Click here for more information about where the base stamp is located and how to interpret it. We strongly recommend providing the base stamp when ordering an electric conversion kit to ensure compatibility.

The Andersen Compact Motor™ is a brushless DC motor carefully matched to a low profile planetary gearbox which requires less space for installation and draws considerably less current than traditional motor/gearbox configurations. Available in 12V or 24V models, Compact Motor™ electric winches operate at variable speed in proportion to the pressure applied to the push button for smooth and quiet operation. 


What's Included

The Compact Motor™ Above Deck Conversion Kit contains:

  • Compact Motor™ Unit, with 140mm (5 1/2") control cable.
  • RA86600 push button, with 190mm (7 1/2") control cable.
  • RD877610 control cable, 1m (39").
  • 877800 Terminal Extension Kit.
  • Andersen Compact Motor™ Circuit Breaker, with integrated controller.
  • Drain tube.
  • Lip seal service kit.

Know Before You Buy

  • Locate your winch's base stamp and provide the number with your order to ensure compatibility.
  • Check all dimensions of the motor unit you are interested in and confirm you have enough space onboard. Dimensional diagrams can be found on the Winch Data Sheets.
  • "K"-Dimension (through-deck) extensions are available upon request.

Important Information

Mounting of an Above Deck Compact Motor™ winch on a vertical surface is not recommended, as it increases exposure to potential problems of excessive moisture and water ingress which could lead to damage not covered by warranty. The motor/gearbox unit of any Above Deck Compact Motor™ Electric Winch is more exposed to the elements than a below deck installation which keeps the motor unit and gearbox more protected. It is important to take reasonable precautions to protect the unit from unnecessary exposure, and carry out regular seasonal maintenance including the lubrification of the motor shaft seal. This is just good seamanship. On commercial and military vessels, it is common to see exposed equipment with electric motors and gearboxes fitted with covers when not in use or to protect them from heavy spray, etc. Equipment on yachts deserves the same proper care.

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