Ball Bearing Sheaves


Series 60 Ratchet Sheave

Alloy, 60mm x 16.9mm x ID6.3mm


14:1 holding power


Product Specifications
Bore (mm)3‭ ‬x 6.1
Diameter Ø (mm)60
Max. Rope diameter (mm)10
Weight (g)45
Suits Block SeriesSeries 60 Ratchet
Width (mm)16.6

Product Information

The patented extruded hole design, in conjunction with the groove profile of the sheave, provides a more powerful grip than conventional designs. Unrivalled low weight is achieved by the use of a Torlon® ratchet pawl, high grade machined alloy sheave and black Acetal hubs.

The patented extruded hole design provides up to 14:1 holding power

Technical Information

Specification Details

Specification Details
A (mm)60


Carbon black Torlon® ball bearings. Alloy sheave. Torlon® ratchet pawl


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