Ball Bearing


Series 40 Ball Bearing Orbit Block™, Triple Ratchet with Adjustable Cleat

Triple ratchet block with swiveling shackle head, becket and C-Cleat™


Headposts freely swivel or can be locked in 0°or 90°.

Composite C-Cleat™ and fairlead.

Removable becket pins allow lines to be spliced prior to fitting and are secured using a split ring.

Replaceable ratchet sheave, RF46000.


Product Specifications
B.L. (kg)1200
M.W.L. (kg)600*
Max. Rope diameter (mm)9
Weight (g)270
Pin Ø (mm)5
Sheave MaterialAcetal
Notes:*Line load through cleat not to exceed 125kg (275lb). MWL is total block load. Becket MWL 400kg (880lb), BL 800kg (1760lb).


The new Series 40 ball bearing Orbit Blocks™ provide the perfect balance of strength, performance, and reliability. They offer class-leading dynamic and static load ratings, the highest available in this size of performance blocks. Lightweight and strong toughened glass fibre reinforced nylon cheeks replace stainless steel straps used in traditional utility blocks - the perfect balance of performance and reliability.

As well as traditional single swivel blocks, the range also includes single and double sheave lashing or soft attachment options through to multiple sheave blocks including those with quad and quin sheaves. The range is extremely versatile allowing a multitude of possible systems right up to a 12:1 purchase mainsheet system for off-the-beach performance catamarans.

Series 40 Orbit Blocks™ are fitted with our carbon reinforced C-Cleat™ for secure rope holding with low entry and exit efforts, and fairleads for fast action from any angle. Cleat arms are made from stainless steel and are adjustable for setting to your preferred cleating angle.


Ball Bearing versions incorporate our 2-stage bearing system using ball bearings to minimise friction and a secondary full-contact bearing to maintain low friction across the full working load range.

High Load versions are designed specifically for any application where high dynamic or static loads are expected. They feature a high strength grade 2205 stainless steel sheave & hub together with a triple bearing race to maintain low friction at very high loads.

Image © Cate Brown

Technical Information


Mainsheet systems and spinnaker sheets on dinghies, off-the-beach catamarans and sportsboats to 8m (26ft).

Halyard, vang and backstay applications on boats to 9m (30ft).

Control line applications on larger yachts.



  • Frame/cheeks: Toughened, glass fibre reinforced nylon.
  • Head fittings, hubs & fasteners: Grade 316 stainless steel.
  • Sheave and ball bearings: High compression strength acetal.


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