Ronstan safety rail systems provide a method of attachment for use in conjunction with personal protection equipment to protect against falls from a height, such as when working outside of conventional guardrails for cleaning and maintenance purposes on yachts or other vessels. They should not be used for lifting equipment or any other purpose.

Track rail mounted in vertical planeTrack rail mounted in vertical plane
Track rail mounted in vertical plane
Track rail mounted in horizontal planeTrack rail mounted in horizontal plane
Track rail mounted in horizontal plane


  • Certified to meet European Standard EN795: 2012, Type D.
  • Marine grade aluminium alloy cars, track rails and end stops, anodised for corrosion protection and long service life.
  • Recirculating Torlon® ball bearings for free running,low friction performance and low maintenance.
  • Grade 316 forged stainless steel pivoting shackles for lanyard attachment.
  • Rubber buffers for reduced vibration and to lift pivoting shackles away from car body for quick access.
  • Spring-loaded stainless steel plunger for simple, positive re-positioning at stop locations. Can be locked in the disengaged position to allow free movement along the track rail. The elliptical knob is easy to grip and turn, and indicates clearly whether the plunger is engaged or not.
  • The track rail can be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal plane as shown below.

EN795: 2012, TYPE D

The Ronstan safety system is tested, certified and approved to the recognised European Union standard for fall protection equipment (EN795: 2012, Type D), and is suitable for single-person use as an anchor device by crew working at height. The “trolley” cars, track rails and end stops for this external access system are made from marine grade aluminum alloy and are anodised for corrosion protection and long service life. The spring loaded stainless steel plunger on the car allows for simple repositioning at any stop hole location on the track rail, or it can be disengaged to allow free movement of the ball bearing car along the track rail.

Ronstan safety rail systems are available in two sizes, Series 22 (22 mm wide track) and Series 30 (30mm wide track) with options for single or tandem cars.

System Description

The complete safety rail system consists of the following components:

  •  One track rail with stop holes at 50mm (1 31/32”) centres and mounting holes at 100mm (3 15/16”) centres.
  • One tandem car assembly consisting of two cars joined together with a connecting plate.

    • Each car has a single attachment point for personal protection equipment.

    • One of the cars has a spring-loaded plunger to allow the assembly to be fixed in position at any of the stop holes along the track rail. This plunger can be disengaged to allow the free movement of the car assembly along the rail.

  • Two end stops installed at the extremities of the track rail.


Ronstan Fall Protection Systems are tested and certified to relevant European and Australian Standards, and are appropriate for single person use with an energy absorber to the EN355 standard.

Testing for conformity to these standards is witnessed by a Recognised Organisation, member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS).

These systems must only be used with personal protection equipment (harnesses, lanyards, fall arresters and other devices) that are approved to the relevant standards for such equipment. Each harness or device must be secured to a separate attachment point.

Full installation, usage and maintenance details are available by following the user manual links below

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