Ball Bearing


Series 75 Core Block™, Double Foot

Double foot block, requires 2 x 10mm (3/8") fasteners


Class leading performance and sleek, contemporary styling.

Excellent dynamic and high static load performance.

Less than half the friction of the nearest competitor** Total block load.

Maximum load on top sheave not to exceed 50% of total block load


Product Specifications
Sheave diameter (mm)75
B.L. (kg)3000**
M.W.L. (kg)1500**
Max. Rope diameter (mm)12
Weight (g)530
Fastener Ø (mm)10
Qty. Fasteners2
Notes:Maximum load on top sheave not to exceed 50% of total block load.

Technical Information


  • Ideal for use on mainsheet, spinnaker sheet, vang, halyard and backstay applications on boats up to 14m (46ft).
  • General applications on larger yachts.
  • Alloy sheave models are available for use with wire.



  • Sheave: U.V. stabilised acetal.
  • Cheek plates: Aluminium alloy.
  • Ball Bearings: High compression strength carbon black acetal.


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