Series 40 Ball Bearing Block, Becket

Single, becket, universal head


Low friction Acetal or Torlon® bearing system.


Cheek cut-outs for easy bearing maintenance

Captive Lock™ universal head.

Slotted pin shackle eliminates fouled lines.

Snap fit removable becket pin


Product Specifications
Sheave diameter (mm)40
B.L. (kg)1000
M.W.L. (kg)350
Max. Rope diameter (mm)10
Weight (g)79
Pin Ø (mm)5

Product Information

Sheaves running on Acetal or Torlon® ball bearings provide high performance & low friction. The 2-stage ball bearing system provides consistent performance over the full load range.

Captive Lock™ universal head can be fixed in either of two planes, or free to swivel as required. Becket pin is removeable so line can be spliced prior to fitting and is ingeniously locked into position without the use of a clevis pin, split ring or tools

Technical Information


Acetal ball bearings. UV stabilised Acetal sheave. Grade 316 stainless steel load strap and head fitting. Impact and UV resistant, fibre reinforced Nylon cheeks


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