Ball Bearing


Series 20 Ball Bearing HHL Lashing Orbit Block™

Single, becket hub option, lashing, HHL


Suits up to 4mm (5/32”) lashing.

Supplied with 750mm (30”) x 2mm (3/32”) diameter, Dyneema® single braid lashing line.


Product Specifications
B.L. (kg)900
M.W.L. (kg)300
Max. Rope diameter (mm)6
Weight (g)14
Notes:Block must be lashed through hub. The supplied lashing line must have three passes through head and hub to achieve rated load. Please note DSH-2.5GRY Soft Shackle has a BL of 450kg which is lower than the RF25109HL.

Product Information

Modern high performance and foiling sailboats now experience much higher loads on their control systems. The 20mm HHL Lashing Block is the perfect solution for these applications. 

Technical Information


Ideal for higher load applications



Sheave: high compression strength carbon black Acetal. Frame:/Cheeks: Toughened, glass fibre reinforced Nylon. Load straps and ball bearings: Grade 316 stainless steelHHL sheave and bearing race: Grade 2205 stainless steel, Balls: Grade 316. Frame/Cheeks: Toughened, glass fibre


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