Clearstart™ Race Timer

Ronstan Clearstart™ Race Timer's are specifically designed with the racing sailor in mind, combining contemporary styling with true sailing functionality.


Specialist RACE MODE Features including:

Multiple Start Sequence options - World Sailing 5,4,1,0, Match Racing, User Set.

Synchronisation function - resynchronise if you start the count down early or late.

Multi-line display - Start Sequences + Time.

Loud intuitive count down and start sound signals.

Count down repeat or count down and up options (for elapsed race time).

Separate fast access Race and Time mode scrolling.

Water resistant to 5 ATM (50m/150ft).

STANDARD Features including:

Time, hours/minutes/seconds - 12 or 24hr format.

Month/Day or Day/Month format.

Daily alarm.

Chronograph - Including hours and time of the day.

Luminescent backlight.

Battery saving mode - light can be turned off.

Shock resistant Large 65mm (2 9/16") diameter face.

Oversized 16mm (5/8") digit display.

Rotating face.

Wrist/Hull/Mast/Boom mount options.

30mm (1 1/18") wide stretch Nylon band with security loop.

Flush fit buckle.

Dual batteries.

Extra large easy-press silicon buttons - highlighted Start/Stop button.


Product Specifications
Weight (g)92


Large, Quick-View Displays

The entire ClearStart™ range features oversized digit displays for quick & easy viewing so that you never have to take your hand off the helm.

Race Sequence Re-synchronisation

Racing sailors know it can be hard to start a watch at the exact second the start sequence is commenced. But with ClearStart’s SYNC function, you can quickly re-synchronise to the official race time. And, a simple press of a button allows you to drop down to the next minute, getting you back in perfect SYNC at the next opportunity.

Water & Shock Resistant

Designed to survive the rigours of competitive sailing, ClearStart™ watches and timer are water resistant, rated at 5ATM and are highly shockresistant.

Pre-programmedRace Sequence Sounds

ClearStart’s sound signals let you know exactly where you are in the start sequence without looking at the display. Pre-programmed with World Sailing 5-4-1-0 and match-racing start sequences, users can also program ClearStart™ for other count down sequences.

End of Sequence –Count Down or Count Up

Depending on the user’s preference, the
ClearStart™ can be set up to repeat the count
down at the end of the sequence for general
recall restarts, or to start counting up, to track
elapsed time.

Multi-Line Display with Real-Time

No need to switch between ‘count down’ and ‘time’ modes because the actual current time is displayed below the count down time on the multi-line ClearStart™ display.

Daily Life Functionality

From waking up to working out, a ClearStart™ watch is also great for everyday activities.
Standard modes include 12 or 24-hour time format, date in day/month or month/day format, daily alarm and chronograph stop watch.

Luminescent Backlight

Bright, full-face electroluminescent backlighting is easy to read at night and can be turned on temporarily for a quick view.

Technical Information

Specification Details

Specification Details


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