Outhaul Systems



Basic 2 line reefing system. (2 lines per reef – single reef only shown) Suitable for yachts to 13m (43ft).Max Line Size = 12mm (1/2")



Single line system (per reef – 2 reefs shown). Single line reefs down tack and clew points. Illustrated system is based on Series 40 All Purpose blocks, is suitable for mid range keel boats to 10m (33ft). Lines lead from front sail eyelets, forward slightly, to deadeyes on mast to ensure correct tension on foot and luff at tack.

Max Line Size = 10mm (3/8")
VARIATIONS Use Series 60 Multi Purpose blocks for boats up to 12m (40ft).

* Systems depicted on this website and their application to certain types and sizes of craft are SUGGESTED only. Conventional rig sizes, sail plans and displacements are assumed, and suitability for actual application should be checked with the appropriate yacht designer, naval architect or rigger as required.

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