Custom Products

Custom Products

Ronstan has worlds of experience in the development of specialised products, working directly with our clients to achieve their desired form, function, and budget considerations. Our international product development team has provided custom solutions for all types of boats from small production dinghies to 30m (100’) super yachts and world-class ocean racers.

The Custom Products featured on our website serve as select examples of previous works, highlighting Ronstan’s design and manufacture capabilities and providing inspiration for future projects. Who knows, perhaps the custom fitting you are looking for has already been made!

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  1. Custom Product
    M300-0969 Custom Code Zero Car
    This series 42 sliderod car is used to carry the furling unit for the code zero sail on the record breaking high tech trimaran
  2. Custom Product
    G150-0457 Custom Genoa Car
    This car is used as a general purpose plunger stop car on yachts up to approx.40ft 12m length overall
  3. Custom Product
    M200-0897 Custom Headboard Car
    This headboard car was used on the mizzen sail and could also be used on the mainmast of smaller yachts
  4. Custom Product
    B250-0502 Custom Lower Combined Orbit Runner Block
    This Orbit lower runner block incorporates a series 250 Orbit sheave and a series 205 Orbit sheave with a single hull attachment point in the head suitable for a spectra strop. Suitable for use on a supermaxi sloop
  5. Custom Product
    M774-1115 Custom Magic Wheel for backstay adjustment
    Used on X-35, X-40, IMX-40, Farr 36, Synergia 40, Z39, Kerr 11.3, X41 and many other racing yachts
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