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PHOTO CREDIT:© Junichi Hirai, Bulkhead magazine
Series 19, C-Track track and car

Series 19 C-Track & Slides

Sailors of small dinghies such as the Tasar, or catamarans like the Hobie 16, will find the new Ronstan Series 19 C-Track to be a simple, lightweight and reliable system with a myriad of uses both on and off the boat.

The Series 19 is an update of Ronstan's proven small boat track and slide systems. The brass slides of the earlier series have been replaced with glass-fibre reinforced polymer and the track is now alloy instead of stainless steel. This means the fittings are only half the weight of the earlier system but provide identical load capacities. The composite slides also have lower friction when running in the track.


  • Spring-loaded plunger stops allow fast, positive positioning of track slides
  • Slides are available with swivelling cleat and fairlead to suit different crewing positions
  • RC91942 features a small camcleat and fairlead and suits line sizes 2-8mm (3/32-5/16")
  • RC91941 RopeGlide ring ‘soft’ attachment which allows up to 250° rotation.

Series 19 C-Track & Slides Ranges