Upright & Pivoting Low Lead Blocks


  •  High static and dynamic load capacity
  •  Keeps lines close to the deck
  •  Cheek cut-outs for easy bearing cleaning and maintenance
  •  Blocks can be disassembled for servicing

  Product No. Desc. Sheave ØMax. Rope ØMax. Cable ØFastener ØM.W.L.B. L.Weight
 RF61176 RF61176 Over-the-top, AP sheave/bearing 6014- 10003000215
 RF61171 RF61171 Single, upright lead 6014-8.010003000205
 RF68171 RF68171 Single, upright lead 6014-8.015003000222
 RF68174 RF68174 Pivoting low lead 6014-6.015003000341
 RF71171 RF71171 Single, upright lead 7514-10.0 + 8.015003980329
 RF78171 RF78171 Single, upright lead 7514-10.0 + 8.019903980352
 RF78174 RF78174 Pivoting low lead 7514-6.017503500470
 RF108171 RF108171 Single, upright lead 10014-10.0 + 8.022004400517
 RF128171 RF128171 Single, upright lead 12516-10.0 + 8.037507500777
 RF158171 RF158171 Single, upright lead 15020-12.0 + 10.05500110001714


Ball Bearing models have Torlon® needle rollers for axial loads, and acetal ball bearings for side thrust loads.