Product No. Desc. Cable ØThread ABC MaxC MinDEB. L.Weight
 RF1533-04 RF1533-04 3-41/4" UNF7.89.1267.0194.016.86.21630179
 RF1533-05 RF1533-05 4-55/16" UNF9.411.2296..0218.020.77.92250567
 RF1533-06 RF1533-06 5-63/8" UNF10.014.4331.0242.023.09.43350494
 RF1533-08 RF1533-08 6-81/2" UNF13.917.5404.0309.029.412.454301053
 RF1533-10 RF1533-10 8-105/8" UNF17.020.8501.0383.042.215.787001850
 RF1533-12 RF1533-12 11.13/420.023.8611.0457.046.018.9126503130
N.B. Open body turnbuckles come as standard with split pins for locking off the threads however we also offer a range of pre-packaged lock nuts for those applications wher an alternative locking method may be required.


Rigging products for swaging have product numbers that are coded to indicate certain dimensions of the product. The first four digits identify the product type. The last two digits denote the thread size expressed in 1/16".


  • Range offers large adjustment to wire rigged boats from dinghies through to keelboats


  • Grade 316 stainless steel end fittings
  • Chrome plated high grade brass bodies