Standard D Shackles


  •  High strength to weight ratio

  Product No. Desc. ABCP.L. B.L.U.D.L. B.L.Shackle Pin Product No.Weight
  mmmmmmkgkg g
 RF617H RF617H Screw pin with security wire hole, 6mm (1/4") pin 62000100025
 RF618H RF618H Screw pin with security wire hole, 7.9mm (5/16") 2700360050
 RF814 RF814 Clevis pin & retainer ring, 7.9mm (5/16") pin 3000150050
 RF1851 RF1851 Coined pin head
 RF1806 RF1806 Coined pin head
 RF615 RF615 Slotted pin
 RF615A RF615A Slotted pin
 RF707S RF707S Lightweight, slotted pin 4.817.013.07001200-10
 RF616 RF616 Coined pin head 4.718.011.08001200RF3315
 RF150 RF150 Slotted pin 4.818.012.09001500-10
 RF617 RF617 Coined pin head 6.422.014.014002300RF3325
 RF617A RF617A Coined pin head 6.42513
 RF151 RF151 Slotted pin 6.422.016.014002300-20
 RF618 RF618 Coined pin head 7.929.016.027003600RF3450
 RF618A RF618A Coined pin head 7.93216
 RF152 RF152 Slotted pin 7.929.017.027003600-45
 RF619 RF619 Coined pin head 9.538.017.036005400RF3580
 RF620 RF620 Coined pin head 12.742.019.075007700RF36130
 RF1035 RF1035 Hexagon head 15.947.025.01100014000-280