Threaded Swage Terminals

Metric Wire

Metric Wire

  Product No. Desc. Cable ØSuits TurnbuckleThread ABCDEWeight
  mm mmmmmmmmmmg
 RF1512M0304 RF1512M0304 3.0RF1480-04, RF1481-041/4" UNF4.939.213374.06.424
 RF1512M0404 RF1512M0404 4.0RF1480-04, RF1481-041/4" UNF645.5141747.530
 RF1512M0405 RF1512M0405 4.0RF1480-05, RF1481-055/16" UNF645.5153897.544
 RF1512M0504 RF1512M0504 5.0RF1480-04, RF1481-041/4" UNF7.532129749.130
 RF1512M0505 RF1512M0505 5.0RF1480-05, RF1481-055/16" UNF7.555.5164899.152
 RF1512M0506 RF1512M0506 5.0RF1480-06, RF1481-063/8" UNF7.555.01791059.176
 RF1512M0606 RF1512M0606 6.0RF1480-06, RF1481-063/8" UNF10.570.419510512.5115
 RF1512M0608 RF1512M0608 6.0RF1480-081/2" UNF10.570.424514312194
 RF1512M0708 RF1512M0708 7.0RF1480-081/2" unf12.27925014314.3222
 RF1512M0808 RF1512M0808 8.0RF1480-081/2" UNF1488.526314316.1258
 RF1512M0810 RF1512M0810 8.0RF1480-105/8" UNF1488.531019016.1420
 RF1512M1010 RF1512M1010 10.0RF1480-105/8" UNF15.8110.533019017.9446
 RF1512M1112 RF1512M1112 11RF1480-123/4" UNF12.2122.736820520.7723
 RF1512M1212 RF1512M1212 12RF1480-123/4" UNF12.2140.438620521.4755
 RF1512M1414 RF1512M1414 14RF1480-147/8" UNF14.4157.943623425.01150
 RF1512M1616 RF1512M1616 16RF1480-161" UNF18.0176.747324028.21610
* RF1512-0504 - Threaded swage terminal BL is below the typical BL of grade 1570, 1x19 stainless steel wire.
**Product supplied as the metric equivalent with metric wire code stamping.


Threaded swage terminals up to and including 7/8" UNF have rolled right hand threads to maximise strength.


  • For wire end termination to suit metric wire


  • Grade 316 stainless steel