Calibrated Turnbuckles

Premium Closed Body

Toggle & Swage, Metric Wire


  •  Laser etched calibration
  •  Dissimilar metals
  •  Fine, rolled threads
  •  Tapered lock nut
  •  Multi axial toggles

  Product No. Desc. Cable ØThread ABC MaxC MinDEB. L.Weight


Laser etched calibration marks allow accurate, repeatable settings for precise adjustement and tuning of rig tension. Type 1 turnbuckles have a sleek, modern profile with no sharp edges. They are easily adjusted by turning the unique coupling nut, which is free to rotate on the turnbuckle barrel, and are secured with a quick turn on the cone shaped locking nut. With single end adjustment and a fine thread, Type 1 turnbuckles are much easier to adjust than conventional turnbuckles, and the use of dissimilar but compatible metals for the threaded components avoids the risk of thread seizure. Toggles are designed with full universal movement for easy installation and connection and allow the assembled cable to move where the structure is subject to wind loads or vibration.


  • Precise adjustment for metric wire rigged boats from dinghies through to small keelboats


  • Grade 316 stainless steel bodies and terminals
  • Electroless Nickel plated bronze coupling nuts
  • Electroless Nickel plated coupling nut is manufactured in bronze to prevent thread seizure