Product No. Desc. LengthWidthWeight
 RC1300-1.0 RC1300-1.0 99630.0810
 RC1300-2.0 RC1300-2.0 199630.01620
 RC1300-3.0 RC1300-3.0 299630.02430
 RC1300-6.0 RC1300-6.0 599630.04860
 RC1305A-3.0 RC1305A-3.0 Beam (not certified for use as Safety Rail System) 299645.08550
 RC1305B-3.0 RC1305B-3.0 Beam track, Black (42mmW x 58mmH (1 21/32"W x 2 9/32H")(not certified to use as Safety Rail System) 299642.08490
 RC1305BP RC1305BP Cover plate for control end & track, including screws 42
 RC1300-3.0S RC1300-3.0S Series 30 Track. Silver
Price available on application
 RC13081S RC13081S Series 30 End Stop, Alloy, 65mm x 76mm
Price available on application
 RC13081PS RC13081PS End stop cover plate including screws 5516


TRACK FASTENINGS – 8mm (5/16") countersunk fasteners at 100mm (3 15/16") centres
STOP HOLES – 50mm (1 31/32") centres


  • Mainsheet systems on boats to 17m (56ft)
  • Self tacking jib sheet systems on boats to 11m (36ft)
  • Genoa sheet systems on boats to 17m (56ft)