Ball Bearing & Slide Rod Traveller Systems

 Series 30mm, Cars


  •  Low profile
  •  Lightweight alloy car bodies

  Product No. Desc. LengthQty. BallsM.W.L.B. L.Weight
  mm kgkgg
 RC13003 RC13003 Shackle 100.0448602800350
 RC13004 RC13004 Shackle 150.07016503300525
 RC13005 RC13005 Orbit car, integrated lashing eye 12010002000300
 RC13012 RC13012 Shackle, 2 control sheaves 225.010822004400915
 RC13013 RC13013 Shackle, 4 control sheaves 225.0108220044001070
 RC13017 RC13017 Car, 1 x 75mm (3") dia. sheave, triple 50mm (2") dia. control sheaves, C-Cleats 120190038002330
 RC13018 RC13018 2 control sheaves 300.0144290058002950
 RC13018A RC13018A Car, 2 x padeye for main block attachment, double 50mm (2") dia. control sheaves 332270054001585
 RC13019 RC13019 2 control sheaves 375.0184400080004300
 RC13023 RC13023 4 control sheaves,2 cleats 225.0108220044001500
 RC13027 RC13027 Windward control 230.0110220044001720
 RC13030 RC13030 Genoa 165.07813202400885
 RC13031 RC13031 Genoa, control sheave 200.0100180032001130
 RC13032 RC13032 Genoa, control sheave & becket 225.0100180032001192
 RC13033 RC13033 Genoa, double control sheave 200.0100180032001227
 RC13034A RC13034A Genoa, control sheave 215.0106275051001450
 RC13083 RC13083 Adjustable stop 77.0   190
 RC53002 RC53002 Shackle 50.0-7502650136
 RC53003 RC53003 Shackle 110.0-13252650310
 RC53030 RC53030 Genoa, plunger stop 160.0-17003400848
 RC53031 RC53031 Genoa 140.0-15003000805
 RC53039 RC53039 End stop, sheet deflector 135.0   780
 RC53040 RC53040 Plunger stop 110.0-13252650355
 RC53041 RC53041 Outhaul 140.0-18803760560
 RC53047 RC53047 Halyard tail system, Sliderod car, includes 2 x plunger stop and 2 x attachment lugs, 1231mm (48 15/32") special track, 2 x low profile end stops 210230046001940


Car bodies are machined to precise specifications, then honed to an exceptional finish before being treated and anodised for maximum corrosion protection. Stainless steel elements are put through a special high energy finish process to achieve a uniquely smooth edge and surface finish.


  • Mainsheet systems on boats to 17m (56ft)
  • Self tacking jib sheet systems on boats to 11m (36ft)
  • Genoa sheet systems on boats to 17m (56ft)


  Range Description
  Ball Bearing & Slide Rod Traveller Systems Series 30mm, Control Ends,  Ball Bearing & Slide Rod Traveller Systems
  Ball Bearing & Slide Rod Traveller Systems Series 30mm, Track,  Ball Bearing & Slide Rod Traveller Systems