Series 60



  •  Class leading performance and sleek, contemporary styling
  •  Excellent dynamic and high static load performance
  •  Less than half the friction of the nearest competitor

  Product No. Desc. Sheave ØMax. Rope ØMax. Cable ØPin ØM.W.L.B. L.Weight
 RF64100 RF64100 Single, universal head 6012-610002000235
 RF64100AW RF64100AW Single, rope/wire sheave 60125610002000292
 RF64103 RF64103 Single, trunnion snap shackle head 601210002000285
 RF64108 RF64108 Halyard, screw pin with roller head 6012-810002000186
 RF64108A RF64108A Mast base, 8mm (5/16") clevis pin head 6012-81000*2000*182
 RF64108AW RF64108AW Halyard, rope/wire sheave, screw pin, roller head 60125810002000212
 RF64110 RF64110 Single, becket, universal head 6012-610002000275
 RF64130 RF64130 Single, becket, cleat, universal head 6012-81000**2000**475
 RF64140 RF64140 Stand-up, swivel 6012--10002000372
 RF64142 RF64142 Series 60 Core Block stand-up kit -1210002000336
 RF64151 RF64151 Foot, single 6012--10002000180
 RF64202 RF64202 Double, non-swivel head 6012--10002000390
 RF64251 RF64251 Series 60 Core Block, Double Foot 6012--1000**2000**370
 RF64500 RF64500 Single block, fiddle 60 + 3012--10002000355
 RF64503 RF64503 Single block, fiddle, snap shackle 60 + 3012-810002000405
 RF64520 RF64520 Single block, fiddle, cleat 60 + 30--1000***2000***490
 RF64523 RF64523 Single block, fiddle, cleat, snap shackle 60 + 3012--1000***2000***540

* Full block rated load can only be achieved with uniformly distributed load across full length of screw pin. ie. 14mm (9/16”) diameter mast collar post or 14mm (9/16”) wide mast collar plate/tang.
Blocks supplied with 8mm clevis pin & split pin to suit a 14mm post (not supplied)
** Total block load. Maximum load on top sheave not to exceed 50% of total block load.
*** Line load through cleat not to exceed 175kg (385lb)


Core Blocks™ are a true all round solution. A tuned 2-stage bearing system provides excellent performance across the full working load range with an integrated thrust bearing feature and the resilience to handle high dynamic or static loads. Acetal sheave, alloy cheeks and stainless fixings complete the durable package. For reliability and a long service life, these blocks are the right choice for sheets, halyards and control line applications for cruising and racing.

Universal Bearing -

Dynamic and high static load performance

The Ronstan Universal Bearing incorporates our proven 2-stage bearing system

Stage 1 - Under moderate loads, Acetal ball bearings ensure minimum friction.

Stage 2 - Under heavy loads, where deformation of ball bearings alone would result in increased friction, a sliding Acetal bearing on a polished stainless steel race takes over, maintaining low friction performance.

Additionally the ball bearings are configured to act as a thrust bearing between the sheave and cheeks, preventing the sheave from rubbing on the cheeks and causing friction when the line lead in and out of the block isn’t perfect. Particularly important for cheek blocks.

Alloy cheek plates

Block cheeks are manufactured from the highest quality alloy for maximum strength. Material optimisation and the cut-away design minimises weight and allows easy fresh water rinsing of salt and debris from the bearings.  Cheek design has been further styled with flaring at the block throat and reduced gap between the cheek and sheave, minimising rope wear.


  • Ideal for mainsheet, halyard and spinnaker sheet applications on boats to 11m (36ft).
  • Various control line applications on larger yachts.
  • Alloy sheave models are available for use with wire.


  • Sheaves: U.V. stabilised Acetal
  • Cheek plates & cleat arms: Aluminium alloy
  • Ball Bearings: High compression strength carbon black Acetal
  • Shackle, post & hub: Grade 316 stainless steel
  • Padeye & snap shackle: Grade 15-5PH stainless steel
  • Snap shackle: Grade 15-5PH investment cast stainless steel
  • Cleat: Fibre reinforced composite