Roller Ball Bearing Blocks

 Series 75mm


  •  High static and dynamic load capacity
  •  Minimal friction across the working load range
  •  Reliable, trouble-free performance
  •  Simplicity of design and construction facilitate maintenance and servicing

  Product No. Desc. Sheave ØMax. Rope ØMax. Cable ØPin ØM.W.L.B. L.Weight
 RF78108 RF78108 Single, halyard 7514-10.016603320298
 RF78251 RF78251 Double foot block 7514--1990*3980*536


These blocks have the strength and durability to meet the requirements of racing and cruising. Block cheeks are manufactured from the highest quality alloy for maximum strength. The cut-away design minimises weight and allows easy fresh water rinsing of salt and debris from the bearings. Blocks can be disassembled for servicing or customisation.


  • Mainsheet on boats to 14m (46ft)
  • Halyard and spinnaker sheets on boats to 15m (50ft)
  • Backstay applications on boats to 11m (36ft)
  • General control line applications on larger yachts


  • Alloy cheek plates