Ball Bearing & Slide Rod Traveller Systems

 Series 55mm, Control Ends


  • High load roller ball bearing sheave
Length160.0 mm
M.W.L.2800 kg
B. L.5600 kg
Weight2140 g

Product Information

Traveller control ends have high performance roller ball bearing sheaves
Custom end controls can be developed to suit individual requirements


  • Main and mizzen sheet systems on monohulls to 36m (120ft) or multihulls to 23m (75ft)
  • Self tacking jib systems on boats 23m (75ft) and above
  • Genoa cars used on boats 28m (92ft) and above
  • Sliderod outhaul cars are used on boats to 36m with conventional reefing and in-mast furling systems
  • Also be used on multihulls 23m (75ft) and above


  • Alloy body
  • Alloy sheave and cheeks
  • Torlon® bearings
  • Rubber buffers