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Headsail Systems


An extremely compact system providing the minimum weight and outstanding free running performance of Ronstan’s ball bearing Orbit Blocks™ and cars in an extremely compact system that suits sportsboats and light keelboats up to 9m (30ft) in length. The flexible Dyneema® linkage between car and lead block provides optimum sheet lead, further reducing friction and any possibility of chafing and a 2:1 car puller is configured from the Series 30 Orbits. A shock cord car return line can be added if desired.

Variations:Substitute the BB lead block for a Ratchet Orbit Block™ on boats at the smaller end of the range for super responsive hand sheeting; a single and becket block can be used to create a 2:1 sheet system, further reducing the load to the crew. Note, that the MWL of the Ratchet variation is limited to that block MWL.

*Systems depicted on this website and their application to certain types and sizes of craft are SUGGESTED only. Conventional rig sizes, sail plans and displacments are assumed, and suitability for actual application should be checked with the appropriate yacht designer, naval architect or rigger as required.