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Cunningham/Downhaul Systems


6:1 system suitable for use on yachts from dinghies right through to small keel boats. Series 20 Ball Bearing blocks and integral cam cleat provide compact format. S-hook on the top line allows quick attachment to D-ring when rigging and changing reefs.

MWL = 400kg (880 lb)
Max Line Size = 6mm (1/4")

Variations:On larger boats, or if more purchase is required, pass upper line through eyelet in sail and fasten to opposite side of boom to increase MWL (pull at eye) to 800kg (1760 lb) and increase purchase to 12:1.

System Diagram - Cunningham / Downhaul
Cunningham / Downhaul

12:1 internal system, popular on high performance off-the-beach catamarans such as the A-class. Features an endless sheet exiting both sides of the mast base and leading to RF5 swivel cleat units, for operation on either side of the boat from trapeze. Tails of line are generally looped around shrouds, or tied off at each shroud for easy access.

MWL = 250kg (550 lb) at the eyelet
Max Line Size = 6mm (1/4")

Variations:If a higher MWL of 275kg (600 lb) is required, replace centre RF20711 with an RF20711HL

System Diagram - Cunningham / Downhaul
*Systems depicted on this website and their application to certain types and sizes of craft are SUGGESTED only. Conventional rig sizes, sail plans and displacments are assumed, and suitability for actual application should be checked with the appropriate yacht designer, naval architect or rigger as required.