Halyard Lock

Halyard lock vee jammer


316 Stainless Steel

Fastener Hole Spacing: 35.9mm hole spacing

Fastener Hole Diameter: 5mm


Product Specifications
Weight (g)5

Technical Information


Typically used on dinghies as a way to tension wire halyards at a set length. Typically there will be a lightweight tail of synthetic rope used to hoist the sail (e.g. Robline 8-Plait Dinghy), then a wire strop between the top of the sail and the RF191 which takes the load once fully hoisted. A copper ferrule on the wire, swaged in the correct spot, is pulled down slightly beyond the RF191, then eased up the v-shaped groove until the ferrule is locked into the RF191. If reefing is desired you can mount one RF191 down the bottom of the rig, and another further up the mast so that the halyard is held at the correct height for the first reef. 

5mm fastening holes, 35.9mm centres. Overall dimensions 48.4mm x 14.3mm. 



Grade 316 stainless steel


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