Certified Removeable Padeye, 55mm Base Diameter

9mm Bar, Requires 4 x M6 Countersunk Fasteners. Certified to European Standard EN795:2012 Type A and Australian Standards AS1891.4:2009 & AS5532:2013.


Certified to European Standard EN795:2012 Type A and Australian Standards AS1891.4:2009 & AS5532:2013.

Screw-in lanyard attachment device can be removed from the base when not in use.

Separate locking screw ensures that the screw-in lanyard attachment remains secure when in use.

A threaded plug remains in the base when the screw-in anchor device is removed to prevent dirt & grit from entering the threads.

Grade 316 stainless steel throughout for maximum corrosion resistance and longevity.


Product Specifications
Weight (g)303
Fastener Ø (mm)M6
Qty. Fasteners4

System Description

The removable Screw-In Padeye Anchor Device consists of two parts:

  • A structural anchor base which is permanently fixed to the structure.
  • A screw-in anchor for connection of personal protection equipment.
    • The structural anchor base is to be permanently fastened to the structure using 4 x M6 fasteners.
    • The screw-in anchor is attached to the structural anchor base by means of a central threaded spigot. Once fully threaded in place the anti-rotation locking screw must be engaged to ensure that the anchor cannot unintentionally become detached from the structural anchor base.
    • The screw-in anchor has a single attachment point for personal protection equipment.

Important Information

Ronstan Fall Protection Systems are tested and certified to relevant European and Australian Standards, and are appropriate for single person use with an energy absorber to the EN355 standard. Testing for conformity to these standards is witnessed by a Recognised Organisation, member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). These systems must only be used with personal protection equipment (harnesses, lanyards, fall arresters and other devices) that are approved to the relevant standards for such equipment. Each harness or device must be secured to a separate attachment point.


Technical Information

Specification Details

Specification Details
A (mm)29
B (mm)70
C (mm)9
D (mm)26.9
E (mm)14
F (mm)23


Fall protection



Grade 316 stainless steel


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