1. Dry Roll-Top Backpack, 55L
    RF4014 Dry Roll-Top Backpack, 55L
    The Dry Roll-Top backpack is a rugged, highly water resistant roll-top dry bag that is loaded with practical features and big enough for all your sailing, kiting, surfing or paddling gear delivered in a smart, ergonomic backpack.
    A$162.13 inc. GST
  2. Dry Roll-Top Crew Bag, 55L
    RF4015 Dry Roll-Top Crew Bag, 55L
    A large, lightweight yet durable carry-all; highly water resistant, protects and keeps all your crew kit dry.
    A$139.98 inc. GST
  3. Dry Roll-Top Backpack, 30L
    RF4013 Dry Roll-Top Backpack, 30L
    The 30-litre dry backpack combines a water-resistant roll-top seal with the practical features of an ergonomic backpack that makes packing light a cinch.
    A$138.80 inc. GST
  4. Dry Roll-Top Bag, 10L
    RF4012 Dry Roll-Top Bag, 10L
    The 10 Litre Roll-Top Bag, is a handy compact dry bag that is highly water resistant, the perfect size for protecting personal items.
    A$45.49 inc. GST
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