34ST Winch FS

34 ST Full Stainless Winch


Product Specifications
Weight (kg)4.1
Gear ratio 1st speed1.3:1
Gear ratio 2nd speed4.7:1
Power ratio 1st speed9.5:1
Power ratio 2nd speed33.8:1


If you take pride in having your yacht look its best, ANDERSEN's Full Stainless Self-Tailing Winch creates the dock-stopping appeal you desire. It combines all the convenience and power of ANDERSEN's self-tailing winch with a stunning all stainless steel look.

From top to bottom the drive shaft stripper arm, self-tailing jaws, drum and upper & lower trim rings are manufactured in highest quality and beautifully polished grade 316 stainless steel. The dramatic result is a highly reflective winch that becomes a highlight of the boat and a true reflection of your yachting pride. We like to say, Full Stainless - Beyond Good Looks.

As with all ANDERSEN Winches™, our Full Stainless Self-Tailing winch features the exclusive stainless steel Power Rib™ drum for maximum power and extended line life. This model also uses our exclusive self-tailing device that automatically accommodates a wide range of different line sizes.

If you prefer to match the color of your winches with the style of your boat, we offer a tough titanium-coating option that will never show wear or tear.

The Power Rib™

Andersen winch drums incorporate the distinctive Power Rib™ which ensures a controlled grip on the line at all times, whether trimming or easing. The highly polished stainless steel surface minimises vertical friction and allows the loaded rope turns to slide easily upward as the drum rotates, without the shuddering and excessive rope wear seen on winches that rely on a rough surface finish for grip.

Stainless steel roller bearings and ball bearings carry the highest drum loads to the centre stem of the winch, minimising efficiency losses due to friction.

The self tailing arm can be rotated through 360 degrees for optimum positioning (40ST and larger). Stainless steel self tailing jaws adjust automatically to suit various rope sizes.
Andersen winches are designed for simple, straightforward installation and maintenance. Servicing is only required every two years or so under normal use.

It’s all about protecting your investment. With ANDERSEN Winches, this protection is guaranteed, as the drum maintains its grip year after year. Keeping wear and tear to a minimum also helps maintain resale value, and our 3-year warranty and instant service in more than 30 countries worldwide amount to a benchmark standard. Low maintenance is a key — and with ANDERSEN Winches, you can take it for granted. Our winches require less maintenance, since all pawls and springs are captive, and the design of the winch allows you to easily strip it down for service and greasing.

Technical Information

Specification Details

Specification Details
Base "B" Ø (mm)125
Drum "D" Ø (mm)70
Height "H" (mm)149
Line Entry "L" (mm)65

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