Product No. Desc. ABCWeight
 RC00110 RC00110 With M10 thread 58.019.0-61
 RC00111 RC00111 With M10 thread 58.019.0-81
 RC00112 RC00112 With M10 thread 58.019.0-77
 RC00141 RC00141 With RC00140 receptacle 92.015.0-105
 RC00142 RC00142 With RC00140 receptacle 94.017.0-122
 RC00143 RC00143 With RC00140 receptacle 96.019.0-116
 RC00151 RC00151 With RC00150 receptacle 110.015.0-170
 RC00152 RC00152 With RC00150 receptacle 116.019.0-190
 RC00153 RC00153 With RC00150 receptacle 114.017.0-188
 RC001R1 RC001R1 To suit Rutgerson receptacle
 RC001R2 RC001R2 To suit Rutgerson receptacle
 RC001R3 RC001R3 To suit Rutgerson receptacle
 RC00210 RC00210 With M10 thread 58.019.0-37
 RC00211 RC00211 With M10 thread 60.019.0-42
 RC00212 RC00212 With M10 thread 62.019.0-49
 RC00213 RC00213 With M12 thread 62.019.0-59
 RC00214 RC00214 With M14 thread 100.026.0-118
 RC00215 RC00215 With M16 thread 433-180
 RC00241 RC00241 With RC00140 receptacle 94.017.0-82
 RC00251 RC00251 With RC00150 receptacle 114.017.0-147
 RC00252 RC00252 With RC00150 receptacle 116.019.0-152
 RC00253 RC00253 With RC00150 receptacle 116.019.0-165