•  Strengthening the foothold in the apparel market is the introduction of a complete line of dinghy wetsuits, including: a sleeveless, one-piece Skiffsuit; neoprene pants and shorts; neoprene tops; rash guards; thermals; Superflex sailing shoes; even a new gear bag. Using a neoprene laminate that's lightweight, windproof, water-repellent, quick-drying, flexible, and warm.
  •  Lightweight, warm and comfortable in any weather
  •  Flexible
  •  New laminates for warmth
  •  New junior range for CL26 shorts
  •  Neoprene wetsuits made with non petroleum based material

  Product No. Desc. Weight
 CL25XS CL25XS Neoprene Pants, 2.5mm/2mm -
 CL25S CL25S Neoprene Pants, 2.5mm/2mm -
 CL25M CL25M Neoprene Pants, 2.5mm/2mm -
 CL25L CL25L Neoprene Pants, 2.5mm/2mm -
 CL25XL CL25XL Neoprene Pants, 2.5mm/2mm -
 CL25XXL CL25XXL Neoprene Pants, 2.5mm/2mm -
 CL26J08 CL26J08 Shorts, 3mm/2mm neoprene -
 CL26J10 CL26J10 Shorts, 3mm/2mm neoprene -
 CL26J12 CL26J12 Shorts, 3mm/2mm neoprene -
 CL26XS CL26XS Short, 3mm/2mm neoprene -
 CL26S CL26S Shorts, 3mm/2mm neoprene -
 CL26M CL26M Shorts, 3mm/2mm neoprene -
 CL26L CL26L Shorts, 3mm/2mm neoprene -
 CL26XL CL26XL Shorts, 3mm/2mm neoprene -
 CL26XXL CL26XXL Shorts, 3mm/2mm neoprene -
 CL27XXS CL27XXS Skiffsuit, Sleeveless, 3mm/2mm neoprene -
 CL27XS CL27XS Skiffsuit, Sleeveless, 3mm/2mm neoprene -
 CL27S CL27S Skiffsuit, Sleeveless, 3mm/2mm neoprene -
 CL27M CL27M Skiffsuit, Sleeveless, 3mm/2mm neoprene -
 CL27L CL27L Skiffsuit, Sleeveless, 3mm/2mm neoprene -
 CL27XL CL27XL Skiffsuit, Sleeveless, 3mm/2mm neorprene -
 CL27XXL CL27XXL Skiffsuit, Sleeveless, 3mm/2mm neoprene -


Ronstan’s range of Dinghy wetsuits are more flexible, lower weight and more comfortable than the previous generation. Frankly, they fit better.


New Laminates for Warmth

Neoprene is a laminate. The new range uses a combination of high-performance materials for their unique properties such as water repellence, wind-proofing, drying speed and thermal qualities. These linings are used in strategically placed panels to highlight their individual properties.
Ultimate Flexibility
With this range, we have selected high-stretch fabrics to increase the wearer’s comfort and flexibility. They feel soft and have the ability to hold and regain the wetsuit’s desired shape. There is no compromise on quality and durability in the range. In another design innovation, Ronstan wetsuits use a combination of thicknesses, placing thinner material in the areas requiring the most flexibility.
Light Weight
All sailors think that thinner means lighter. However there is a trade off to choosing thinner materials, they are generally less durable and can be not as warm as thicker materials. Our approach is different. The high performance CL25 pants are partly made of a super-light neoprene foam – which is 20% lighter than conventional neoprene. The result is a 2mm lower-weight wetsuit with no compromise on warmth. While our emphasis is on reduced weight and flexibility, the new wetsuit design also provides good abrasion resistance and offers extra padding where needed.
Sustainability Commitment
As always, Ronstan apparel is manufactured with the environment in mind. Our neoprene wetsuits are made with non-petroleum based material and the new UPF 50+ Tops contain Bamboo fabric, another environmentally friendly raw material.


  • Designed specifically for sailing