Product No. Desc. Cable ŘThread ABC MaxC MinDEB. L.Weight
 RF1576-0504 RF1576-0504 Type 1 4.01/4" UNF7.89.1243.0188.015.56.21630120
 RF1576-0505 RF1576-0505 Type 1 4.05/16" UNF9.411.4271.0206.020.07.92250196
 RF1576-0908 RF1576-0908 Type 1 7.11/2" UNF13.917.5437.0327.028.012.45430742
 RF1576-1008 RF1576-1008 Type 1 7.91/2" UNF13.917.5446.0336.028.012.45430780
 RF1576-1010 RF1576-1010 Type 1 7.95/8" UNF17.020.8551.0411.040.715.787001420
 RF1577-2016 RF1577-2016 Type 2 15.91" UNF29.331.8752.0622.059.225.2225105410
 RF1577-2420 RF1577-2420 Type 2 19.11 1/4" UNF36.042.5882.0762.074.131.73633011230
 RF1577-2820 RF1577-2820 Type 2 22.21 1/4" UNF36.042.5911.0791.074.131.73633011830
 RF1577-3222 RF1577-3222 Type 2 25.41 3/8" UNF33.046.01267.0977.058.734.84350019200


Rigging products for swaging have product numbers that are coded to indicate certain dimensions of the product. The first four digits identify the product type. The first two digits of the suffix identify the wire size expressed in 1/32" and the last two digits denote the thread size expressed in 1/16".


  • Range offers large adjustment to imperial wire rigged boats from dinghies through to keelboats


  • Grade 316 stainless steel bodies and terminals
  • Electroless Nickel plated bronze coupling nuts
  • Electroless Nickel plated brass locking nuts


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